Project Barbie - Kymberly Marciano Photography BTS

I've recently had the pleasure of working on the crew of lauded children's coutour photographer Kymberly Marciano. She's asked me on for a few different shoots in recent weeks and I've been able to add a whole new dimention to my portfolio as a result! I had never worked with such young models, up until know. These "mini mavens" as Kymberly has dubed them are an absolutle blast to work with! Kids are often shy around grown ups (which - I shutter to think - I am, I suppose) and many of these kids start out that way too! But with no one can resist the fun of getting their hair and make up done! For a lot of these girls it has become a regular occurence - these are working models after all - but they are still not immune! Getting ones hair wrapped into a mass of curls, eyelids painted and donning a sparkley dress can bring out the silliness and glamour in anyone! It was absolutley adorable to watch their personalities light up in their faces as soon as they get in front of the camera. When I was a girl, to model like this was my absolute DREAM!! Seeing it now, from the other side, its apparent that at least for now, this a dream that has come true for these young beauties!

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