Coachella Vally Music Festival - Lucent Dossier Wig Creations

It was such a pleasure to work with the wacky and wonderful Lucent Dossier Experience creating some very unusual hairpeices for their Coachella Valley Music Festival performance! These wigs were the collaborative brain child of the ever-so-inspiring Mr. Oliver Shortall and the incomparable Ms. Dream Rockwell, Lucent's matriarch. It's always been a joy to work side by side with Oliver, but never more inspired than with this project! I was so please that he asked me to come to his home studio to help him craft these unique pieces! Working with sythetic hair can allow for lots of options that just don't exist with human hair. Extra long, irregularly shaped dreadlocks can be twisted and sculpted into reality using a steamer and a flat iron to melt and fuse the hair into the desired shape. Sewing wefts and custom created fringes into wig bases can allow for extraordinary shapes and unprecedented volume! Various pieces built on top of one another grew into some pretty spectacular wig creations. Eventually these wigs were sewn onto a tight, lycra hood and a leather chin strap was added, allowing the performers to keep their hair on their head, even through elaborate aerial numbers and spirited dance performances. It was a lot of work, but worth every moment to be a part of this very creative process!

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