Historical Hairstyling - My First Time Teaching

Historical Hairdressing.jpg
Today was my first opportunity to teach an actual CLASS to our junior stylists and assistants! I have had chances to mentor one on one for particular projects and I've been an extra set of hands on salon shoots for our jrs as well. But there is really something about TEACHING that is so special! A few months back, The Harlot instituted a new education program wherein all of us seniour stylists rotate teaching duties and we get to choose our topic. I had pondered what my lesson should be, then I heard one of our assistance talking about a "40's party...So ya know, flapper hair" and I knew... These young ones needed a history lesson!!! It's always been a bit of a peeve of mine when i see a movie or ad, trying to represent a certain era with historically inacurate hair! Perhaps that's my brand of OCD. So I created my very first Powerpoint presentation to teach these kids a thing or two! I talked to them about the significant political and cultural happenings in each decade of the 20th century and drew parallels in the goings on in fashion and beauty. I introduced them to the icons of each era and we discussed the prevelent looks of the time. Then, it was time to choose! Which decade do you want to recreate? Our young stylists tackled a variety, Heather chose a look from the early 60's and whipped up a nice tall beehive. Thom, always an overacheiver curled and teased her way into a Gibson girl look from the early 1900's as well as a beautiful, late 40's victory roll . Ashley wanted to tackle the 50's, but with a twist. She gave her female model a perfect pompador! And finaly Ernesto went with something he can remember first hand, a twisted and spiked out look from the 90's. These kids, they really aregoing places!! Create amazing work through the ages!!

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