Glamorous Gowns - Harlot Goes Hollywood BTS

Harlot Goes Hollywood BTS.jpg
Pictured here are some creations I made for The Harlot Salon's 3rd birthday party. We decided to have an Awards Show themed party, complete with glamorous hosts and hostesses and stunning statuets for our category winners! Of course no Harlot event would be complete with out an on stage transformation. Our sassy starlets paraded around, in true diva fashion, early in the evening. They inquired about the whereabouts of their favorite stylists and wondering aloud to our guests why there wasn't more champagne in the dressing room! These gals were sure highmaintenance!! I mean, You can't have a perfect pastel combout with out a good stylist close at hand. As a team, The Harlots swarmed, we wrapped and pinned and tucked them into their gowns in a flurry of toule. Then, the final touch, the ladies roller glad mops suddenly transformed into the picture perfect coifs you see above!! With their looks finally complete, the show could go on! Our valued clients and collegues were honored with an announcement and a trip to the stage to collect their statuettes! Mine, won for being the "biggest hugger", is currently displayed proudly in my home!

Sad you missed it?!? Check out the video here.

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