Accentuate The Positive - Virgin Highlight / Grey Blending

Meet my friend and client, Molly. Molly was embarrased by her bold grey streak in the front of her hair. She would only part her hair one way, to minimize the peek of silver and avoided wearing her thick, heavy hair up, even through the heat of summer. Finally, on her 30th birthday, she and I agreed that it was the time to do something about it! Molly had always enjoyed her natural. chocolate milk haircolor and she didn't want to see it go away completly. She also is incredibly low maintenace and doesn't want to be in the salon more than a few times a year. I encouraged Molly to let me add some stratigically placed light streaks, that would look intentional EVEN when her grey roots started creeping back in. We broke up the solid swath of her natural light brown around her face, crown and tips resulting in a somewhat exagerated yet natural look that, magically, never looks rooty. I think she looks stunning! What do you think?

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