RAW Hairstylist Of The Year 2012 - BTS

RAW Awards Wigs.jpg
For the last couple of weeks I've been getting extra crafty and here are my hand made creations! I'm calling this collection Cameo, the inspiration stemming from the large and intricate hairstyle shown in silhouette on Victorian Era jewelry. These custom built wigs incorporate some more lively colors than would have been fashionable in the mid 1800's but the shapes echo the high piled, cascading locks of the era. I made these pieces as my entry in the final competion of RAW - Naural Born Artist's Hairstylist of the year. This is really my first competition of this type and I'm honoered to have been nominated! My experience with the RAW organization has been a blast and put me in touch with many wonderful creative folks from across the spectrum of the arts! Feeling like you need to showcase your talents? Check them out!!

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