Going Halvsies - Wedding Style Trial

Summer is the height of wedding season. This time of year always has me seeing lots of beautiful women aiming to look and feel their very best as the stroll down the aisle. It pays off to consider what type of bride you are when you come in for a trial. Are you a classic girl or a bit more unconventional? Do you want to use this opportunity to step out of your usual style choices? Or feel like yourself, only better? Also consider what style of event are you throwing. Is it a casual, backyard or beach affair? Or a chuch ceremony followed by a formal dinner? All of these factors should be reflected in how dressed up or down your hair is. A half up 'do, such as this look on Alicia, can be quite versatile. Keeping some hair down conveys a sense of relaxation, while the structured, clean lines of the twisted top half lends some sophistication. This is a perfect look for anything from a sweet garden gathering to a catholic mass ceremony.

A basilica wedding with beach hair just doens't make sense. Go for continuity in the look and feel of your event for the most gorgeous effect!

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